Project completed – What happens next?

Projekt partner at intstitut Montéclair, FranceEstablishing the internet platform MyVision with thematic modules on the eye and vision at age has been successfully accomplished within the project that has been finished recently after a two years joint work. From now on these thematic modules will be sustainably provided to prospective users in every partner country. For example, at NCBI Dublin courses on PC and Internet have been started recently. Also at BFW Halle the project products will be included into the institution’s services. This has been emphasised at a team meeting with particular measures to integrate the project products into current e-learning structures at the BFW Halle.

Picture: Project partners at institute Montéclair, France

International meeting in Angers

The project partners from five European countries have met for the 7th international workshop on October 5/6 2009 in Angers (France). The joint work on MyVision, the Internet platform developed within the project, is nearly completed.  At this meeting the partners gave finishing touches on the platform and discussed further acitivies beyond the project. MyVision provides information on age related sight loss and tips how to deal with it in everyday life. MyVision at is now available in every partner’s language. 

Our international project team

Our international project team

RNC promotes eVision55+ at Sight Village 2009

eVision55+ at Sight Village 2009In July the Royal National College for the Blind (RNC) was one of the
biggest exhibitors at the annual Sight Village exhibition in Birmingham, UK.

Sight Village is the premier European event showcasing technology, support
and services for people who are blind or visually impaired, with commercial
and voluntary organisations from around the world taking part.

Many thousands of people visited over the three day exhibition, and RNC was
able to showcase the e-Vision55plus project alongside its varied portfolio of
courses, products and services to visitors of all ages."

Early summer news

Many project activities have been performed between May and July 2009:

BFW-Halle (Germany):

  • May 12-15: Promotion of eVision55+ at SightCity 2009 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany
  • May 29: Presentation of the project modules at the Day of the open door 2009 at the BFW Halle
  • June 17:Lecture on eVisioin55+ at E-Learning Baltics 2009 in Warnemünde, Germany
    Daniel Schimrik presenting eVision55+ at Elba2009

Institut Montéclair (France):

  • May 11: Dissemination on ARIBA-congress in Paris, France
  • May 16: Presentation of the project at the OpenDoor at Institut Montéclair 
  • June: Presentation of eVision55+ to P. Dublineau, low vision expert working in a low vision center in Angers (France)

RNC Hereford (Great Britain), Visio Huizen (Netherlands) & NCBI Dublin (Ireland)

  • July 5-10: Peter Verstraten (Visio) together with Anne Rolfe (RNC) and staff from NCBI promoted the project results at ICEVI 2009 in Dublin, Ireland
    Peter Verstraten and Anne Rolfe presenting eVision55+ at ICEVI 2009

RNC Hereford (GReat Britain)

  • May 19: Discussion and Promotion of the project at Daphne III Conference at RNC in Hereford, Great Britain
  • May: Promotion of the project within the Herefordshire Vision Links Newsletter
  • June 9: Literature dissemination to European partners involved in the MUSICC project, RNC Hereford, Great Britain

NCBI Dublin (Ireland)

  • May 12-15: Discussion about the project at SightCity in Frankfurt/Main, Germany
  • Ma: Dissemination at the Dicompnet conference in Frankfurt/Main, Germany
  • June 6: Presentation of eVision55+ and its activities at the Visually Impaired Society of Ireland AGM conference
  • July 7-11: Discussion about the project at Vision 2009 in Montreal, Canada

Research results online

Interviews with project participants

The interviews with persons being interested in participating in the project have been arranged to get an overview on their vision loss and their ability and interests in computer and internet.

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