1. MyVision

Our interactive website especially created for people above 55 provides
information on age related processes causing sight loss and assists you
in finding your own way for to deal with it. Get into contact with other
people your age, learn about assistive institutions in your country and
ask for experts’ advice.

You get to know about:

  • how to compensate age-related decreasing eyesight
  • how to master small and big challenges in daily life with low vision
  • how to adapt the computer regarding decreasing eyesight  to your special needs
  • how to take advantage of the Internet
  • communicate with congenial people
  • get advises by experts

Want to join the eVision55+ project?

Sign in here: www.vision55plus.netDonald Marlowe - Mascot of the<br />
project eVision55+ 

BTW: The duck called "Donald Marlowe" is the mascot of the project. Thanks to MyVision, it retains the clear perspective in all life situations.


2. Research questionnaire and results

Dealing with sight loss?
Need help?
Want to get into contact with experts?

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Join the project by answering the questionnaire.

3. Information & publications

The project’s aim and offers at a glance.


The project’s flyer is available from each partner institute.
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Gläser, U., Greiser, P., Schimrik, D.: Evision55plus - A project to
promote the use of information technology for people with declining
eyesight above 55.
Proceedings of the 2nd International eLBa Science Conference, Rostock
Germany, June 17, 2009

Final Report:

The Final Report presents a summary of the project including objectives, approach, outcomes and results.This report has been submitted by the BFW Halle to the European Commission.

Final Report (English)