elderly couple with thumbs upThe project aims to actively promote the maintenance and further development of high-quality social interactions, via the use of information and access technologies, for people above the age of 55 who have declining eyesight. The project promotes the setup of I.t. networks at local, national and European levels; encouraging participants to develop wider participation in social and life opportunities.

The activities in these networks will include topics like daily living skills for people with declining eyesight, low vision information services and the utilization of New Media in accessing various aspects of social interaction and communication.

All Information and communication within the networks are especially designed to meet the needs of the core age group of 55 plus.

Skills in handling modern information and communication technologies, via the use of relevant access solutions, are essential for participating in working environments and also increasingly enhance opportunities in communication and accessing information.

In achieving its core objectives, the project aims at identifying individual needs of those participating within the project; assessing how they handle information technology coupled with specialised access software and hardware.

In providing these information services and learning networks, it is aimed to equip people above the age of 55 with knowledge and skills in accessing the world of social communication via the use of access and information technology.