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  The project Vision55+


Inclusion of people above 55 with decreasing eyesight by e-technology 

The project aims to actively promote the maintenance and further development of high-quality social interactions via the use of information and access technologies, for people above the age of 55 who have declining eyesight. The project promotes the setup of I.t. networks at local, national and European level encouraging participants to develop wider participation in social life. Read more

The main product of the project is the information platform "My Vision".


THE information platform for people with declining eyesight above 55.

You get to know how to:

  • compensate age-related decreasing eyesight
  • master small and big challenges in daily life with low vision
  • adapt the computer regarding decreasing eyesight to your special needs
  • take advantage of the Internet
  • communicate with congenial people
  • get advice by experts

Click here for our information platform "My Vision"